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Is this possible, from a server to client pc problem

I have a button that writes two csv files from qlikview and launches a C# application to process and send that data to another 3rd party application for the user to see. Currently the set-up works perfectly fine on any desktop environment as I make use of the Computername() and username() functions so that it knows where to write the data and where to launch the app, this also works if i remote into the server setup and press the button on the IE plugin version of the app. However, what do I need to do in order for it to work when using my laptop to login to access point and run it from there? Because if I do that the Computername() function will use the servers name to write and launch the programs from there.

Is there a way for qlikview to automatically get the computer name of the client computer and not the host server? I imagine it must be possible as the export to excell buttons dont open excell on the server they open it on the local environment, this is essential the same idea except i want to write out a csv and open it with a program other than excell.

Any assisstance greatly appreciated! Thanks,


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