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Issue in accessing user information from Active Directory


I am trying to configure the QlikView server with Active Directory group and could not fetch information of all the groups and users. The network has a multi domain Active Directory forest which has many domains (23) under the main AD server. Users who belong to all of the domains should be given access to the QlikView reports.

I have used the fully qualified name of the AD server in the QEMC (LDAP://xxxxxx, OU=Domain Controllers, DC=dfc, DC=dcc) and from the logs I found that QlikView is able to connect to all the available 23 domains.

When I try to search users across multiple domains, it is always returning empty results. I am able to access only the topmost domain under the AD forest and other Domains could not be accessed. However, when I add every domain's address seperately as individual AD group in QEMC, I am able to access the users under the domain. This is not ideal, since we have to update the configuration everytime whenever a new domain is added. Is there a setting which should be changed to fetch information from all domains using the parent LDAP server?

Has anyone already configured similar LDAP conncetion? If so, please provide some information related to this.

Thanks in advance.



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Issue in accessing user information from Active Directory

Haneesh, I am having the same issue. I am using Qlikview 9 SR3 but we are preparing to upgrade to version 10 soon. We have multiple business units under different domains and would like to be able to manage access using the parent domain.

I look forward to a response to this issue from Qliktech.

Thank you,


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Issue in accessing user information from Active Directory

We tried using the parent domain too, and it did not work.  Then we found out that we could add as many domains as we wanted by going to QEMC > System > Setup > Directory Service Connectors then clicking on the Directory Service Connector name icon and then Active Directory (for those who haven't tried it yet).  On the right side of the screen, you can add as many domains as you want.  Then you can see all of the user names when you set up a document. 

Even with 23 domains, it seems that the individual listings will be easy to maintain - it only takes a minute to add or remove one - and you get a lot more control.  For instance, you may only want some of the child domains to have access to QlikView, and you can just enter the ones that need access. 

We are also on QlikView 9 SR3.



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Issue in accessing user information from Active Directory

the directory service connector is designed to connect to single domains, and accessing all subdomains through the parent domain is not possible. jackie describes the intended way to use it.


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