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LEF automated distribution

‌Hi Qlik community,

We do have a very specific technical Qlik landscape as we plan to distribute one SBE license per laptop, for about 200 users [specific technical constraints, embedded dashboard in fat client, running offline, ...]

One challenge that we currently face is that we have one license / LEF per user. We plan to distribute the LEFs automatically using a server/client sync software.

As the LEF is stored in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech, we supposed that pushing every LEF to the right folder would be enough, which actually is not the case. We copy the file but QlikView Server remains unlicensed...

Would anyone know which steps we missed ? Have you already faced such an issue ? And if yes, how did you resolve it ? Many thanks for your help all.



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Re: LEF automated distribution

Reading between the lines, it appears to me that you want to dynamically license clients using another mechanism than the QlikView Server distribution mechanism. You should take these remarks into account:

  • The LEF file on a QlikView Server platform contains the Server license, nothing else. Named CALs do not exist by themselves. they are embedded in the Server license (so no LEF per se) and can only be leased by letting the "fat client" contact the QVS. Document CALs cannot be leased; they can only be used by users visiting the Access Point (license leasing is the mechanism that can make a fat client operate autonomously for a maximum period of 30 days without contacting the server)
  • An SBE server can only carry a maximum of 25 Named CALs and 100 Document CALs. It won't take 200 licenses, because this is a builtin limitation (it is called Small-Business-Edition after all). If you need more licenses, buy an Enterprise Edition-server where no such limitation exists.
  • A solution for you would be to buy Local Licenses and force each "fat client" to license itself by contacting the Qlik LEF servers. However, local licenses are not managed by any server, and as such they do not allow clients to also visit an AccessPoint.

How this sheds some light on the licensing mechanisms thatare used by the QlikView software.

Mind you, the Qlik Sense licensing mechanism is entirely different. It works with tokens and may well be ideally suited to offer a solution for your requirements.



Re: LEF automated distribution

There is an interesting Qlik document that may help you in figuring out what is/isn't possible with QlikView licenses. It is located here: License Metrics for QlikView

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Re: LEF automated distribution

Hey everyone,

For future reference, we were able to sort this out using the API (C#).

Thank you for your help anyways!