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License lease that does not expire.

One of my customers mailed me the following today:

I looked over QlikView’slicensing policy, and one odd thing I did notice based on the license policy,was that after 30 days a license lease expires and should no longer becounted/listed, however I have seen users listed for much longer than that (2-5months) and I’ve had to remove them manually to make room for regular users.

Does anyone know how this can be possible?

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License lease that does not expire.

i believe u remove user listed using qmC.

i think the user listed should not deleted untill delete mannually.

lease licence policy of 30 days

but here i am using lease licence from more than 30 days

someone can correct me if i am wrong

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License lease that does not expire.

As Sunil said, license lease is for local offline use or development.

Licenses assigned can only be deleted by manually removing them in the QEMC/QMC or by API.

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