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List of Authenticated Users

Hi All,

I would like to get of distinct ( Unique ) authnetic users who are using apps in our qlikview environment. I would like ot know which log file can help me to achieve this.

Governnace dashboards has it but I am not able to see code , so cant get to those files which give me usage for applications per users.


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Re: List of Authenticated Users

Hello Faisal,

I assume you are in a QlikView Server environment. Have you actually considered the QVS Statistics tab under Status > QVS Statistics? I believe this should show you a history of your documents and users and then also active users and documents.

I hope this helps. Please mark as helpful if so.


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Re: List of Authenticated Users

Session.log is the file where you can geta list of authentic users accessing applications.

This log consists of information related to users, duration of access, client information etc....

Have a look over it..




Re: List of Authenticated Users

Thank you Nitin

Re: List of Authenticated Users

Have a look at this application written by my colleague David Foster.


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Re: List of Authenticated Users

Hi Colin,

I will be very thankful if you could help me understand how David Foster is calculating and what is need of it

HEX64CONVERT  Variable. 


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