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Load balancing Question

Hello Qlik Folks, Can we do load balancing on the different type of servers ?

I have 3 windows servers & 2 are physical servers & 1 virtual server, currently we are running qlikvew only on one physical server. So can we do load balance on 2 physical & 1 virtual server with different RAM situations ?

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Re: Load balancing Question


But what exactly are you going to load balance? QlikView Server or QlikView Publisher?


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Re: Load balancing Question

Peter, we have 7 servers now 5 physical server 2 Virtual servers.

pnode1, pnode2, pnode3, pnode4, pnode5, vnode1, vnode2

QMS , QVWS , DSC --> pnode5

QVS --> pnode1, pnode2, vnode1

QDS --> pnode3, pnode4, vnode2

My question, if we implement hybrid QDS or QVS clusters it may impact any performance ?

We need to maintain same RAM/CPU specifications for all servers ?

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Re: Load balancing Question

Any input ?

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Re: Load balancing Question

Peter, do you have any insight on this ?


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