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Management: Scheduled Task - status delayed

We have been noticing this issue intermittently, and on a scheduled task running on its schedule, or manually kicked off its not a big issue.  We notice the issue most often when we're using the API to kick off jobs remotely, and then need to confirm the status of the jobs.

Are there any reasons why these status designations might be delayed up to 10 minutes?  Are there any fixes that we can do in our environment.

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Re: Management: Scheduled Task - status delayed

Hi Daniel,

I would guess that the delay is due to not enough available reload engines at the time the tasks are scheduled.

Hope this helps


Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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Re: Management: Scheduled Task - status delayed

That is a great suggestion, but not the case.

On the main page of the Management Consol, the task was showing as not started.  Wen you opened the history for that task, it showed the status as running, and the log file was updating. I even checked task manager on the server, and there was a corresponding task running for the load.

The only thing that said it wasn't running yet was the main status on the System/Tasks tab.  Everywhere else I looked manually and found it running. Because it wasn't running on the System/Tasks tab, the API said it wasn't running.