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Merge 2 QV server licences

Hi everyone,

My company is going to be merged with another one which also uses Qlikview.

We have server and publisher (115 CALs ) and they only have server (small enterprise edition).

We would like to have only one QV server and manage all the applications at the same place.

Had someone have already been in a similar situation ?  What is the simplest thing to do ?

Thank you for your answers

Have a good day.


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Re: Merge 2 QV server licences


The license merge is something you might have to discuss with your account manager.

Now merging both environment it might take a process, and it depends if the small company you are merging will keep using their domain, since the document rights might be complicated to apply in that case.

On that case, it would be worth it to invest on expert services for this kind scenario.

Another thought, would be adding the  server on your corrupt management console and control both environment on one management console.


Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik
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Re: Merge 2 QV server licences

Thank you Giuseppe

Re: Merge 2 QV server licences


The person who can help you here is your account manager.

You need to talk with him.

I don't think you can mere two different licenses. But its better to talk with account manager.