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.Meta File editing

Is anyone aware of a way of modifying the .meta file? 

My organization is migrating to a new Active Directory domain, and I want to ensure that users maintain their favorites on Access Point.  I'd like to find/replace the 'olddomain\' with 'newdomain\' for all .meta files.

I haven't tried just editing the .meta file with a text editor, since I assume that might corrupt the file.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Re: .Meta File editing

Please check Power Tools.

Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView

If you are trying with test editor, please take a back up & edit one file.

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Re: .Meta File editing

Maybe the power tools can help you because I don’t know if exist one application that can be modify a meta file, in this power tools has the SharedFileViewer and the manual says:


This application can also read .meta files, to show data in them. All objects will be marked red

(corrupt), this is expected. It will always only show one object node. Here you can find, amongst

other data, authorization tables for Qlikview Server DMS security mode and Autoload/Preload flags.

NOTE: This functionality is read-only with .meta files. None of the below functionality applies

This is the only tool that you can use for check if the file is corrupt.

Here is the URL for download

PowerTools 1.1 for QlikView


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