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Missing AlertEmail Template


I don't get any error mail from the distribution service if any task fails.

I get the following error message: "MailTemplate not found. eMailTemplateType=Alert"

The files AlertEmail.xml and MailTemplate.xml exists and are located in the QVPR-directory.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


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Missing AlertEmail Template

I have the same problem.
When i start a task, which have to sent out PDF-Reports I get the following Error:

4/12/2010 13:55:11.6884303 Error The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=D:\QlikView Storage\TSS\PDF_Test\Intern Reports Test\TEST_Backorder_TEST.qvw.
4/12/2010 13:55:11.7821815 Information Initializing Reload (0), Finished (25203)
4/12/2010 13:55:11.7821815 Error Reload failed.
4/12/2010 13:55:11.8134319 Information Closing the document.
4/12/2010 13:55:11.8915579 Information Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=5688
4/12/2010 13:55:11.8915579 Information Initializing (0), Finished (110)
4/12/2010 13:55:11.8915579 Error Reload failed. Distribution skipped.

4/12/2010 13:55:11.9071831 Error The task "TEST_Backorder_TEST" failed. ErrorCount=3
4/12/2010 13:55:11.9071831 Information Sending Alert Mail to 10 recipients.4/12/2010 13:55:11.9228083 Error MailTemplate not found. eMailTemplateType=Alert

The MailTemplate.xml and the AlertEmail.xml are in my \QVPR folder.

What's wrong?

Thanks for help.

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Missing AlertEmail Template

Got it to work with copying a backup file from the MailTemplate.xml in the folder and deleted the "broken" one.

The only thing you have to check is the DistribubtionID. It should be the same in the MailTemplate.xml and (i.e) in the AlertMail.xml.