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Creator III
Creator III

Not able to open the doc in Access Point after sign in

Hi All,

I am getting the attached message (second one) when i try to open the Qlikview doc in access point.

I am able sign in but when i try to open document, getting the second pop up window.

I've assigned a DOC cal to the user as well.

1.AP Login.PNG2.Access point issue.PNG

Why i am getting this pop window again.



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The document has section access and must identify who is accessing. As anonymous, there is no such identification, therefore it prompts for it.

Is the access to the server via anonymous users?

Creator III
Creator III

Hi, we are not allowing anonymous access.

It could also be caused by your document using Section Access with USERID/PASSWORD fields instead of (or together with) an NTNAME field. NTNAME can be used to get a working Single Sign-ON, but if the NTNAME value is not recognised (as with Anonymous) then you are either denied access (if there are no USERID/PASSWORD fields in Section Access) or asked for additional credentials. The latter should match at least one USERID/PASSWORD entry in Section Access in your document, and will probably be entirely different from the account you already used to "log in".

Creator III
Creator III

strange thing is i am able to log in now. I din't made any changes.

So it is working now?

Creator III
Creator III

Yes, now i am not getting that pop up window.

Good. Maybe some synchronization issues with the directory? It should not happen that it loses connection with the authentication method, but in a complex network, the issue could be anywhere.

Is this the first time it happens since you have QlikView or does it tend to happen?

Creator III
Creator III

I faced similar issue couple of times and later it got fixed.

same situation today as well.

I would then check with IT to see what could have happened at that time, and also with the QlikView platform admins if there are another people using the QMC