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Open Documents Management

Hi all,

I am running Small Business Edition Server, and still learning the ropes .  A couple times per week, I come to the office in the morning, and QlikView is down, unable to open any documents from AccessPoint...plus some of the scheduled reports are failing.  I log into the server, and Processor and memory usage are low; so that's not the problem.  I then connect to the QVS web interface and check the Open Documents Tab.  There I see 11 copies of 1 document open, and 18 copies of another document open, supposedly being accessed by only two people.  I talked to them, and they insisted they did not have that many copies open, and had no idea why it would indicate that they did.  So I resort to restarting the QVS service, and all is back to normal.

Any idea what the issue is?  Also, any recommendations on training, books, or references, on configuring and maintaining a QV Server?  I took over this role at this company, and am flying blind .


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Re: Open Documents Management

Hey TheChadd,

which version are you on?

To narrow down the problem you could download the Governance Dashboard and look at what it tells you about the sessions.

This might give you a hint of how the server and the document are used by those users.

But besides that it looks like the session is not terminated correctly.

Take a look at this post (Re: Access Point Timeout Settings) and check the corresponding configuration in the QMC.

For your training needs: Check training.qlik.com for a Server/Publisher-Training near you. This is a great jump start to administering QV server and it will give you the opportunity to ask any open questions as well.

Best regards!

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Re: Open Documents Management

Thanks Tobias, that helps me with some of the diagnostics...

I'm on version 11.00.11414.0409.10.

Looking at the Governance Dashboard, all of the sessions started within 5-10 seconds of each other.  That is really strange.  In which case, timeout settings would not have helped...at least until the timeout was reached.  I know there is a concurrent session limit option, but I don't think I can limit it at the user/document level, e.g. User X can only have Y sessions of Z document open at one time.

So, I'm still trying to figure how a document can be opened 18 times so quickly, and how that can be prevented.

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