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Orphan folder created after cleanup

Hi everyone,

We were undergoing a server files cleanup.

We deleted the unwanted tasks, then the user docs then the source docs.

However an orphan folder was created on the qmc, and all the previous structuring is now under it.

Anyone can suggest how to resolve this as none of the tasks are now running.

Appreciate your help.

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Re: Orphan folder created after cleanup

The issue is resolved.

The fact is that it may be recommended to stop the services (mainly distribution and qlikview server) before undergoing any deletion of files.

So we could follow the steps:

- stop and delete any unwanted task

- stop the 2 services

- backup and delete the related source/user documents

- restart the 2 services

Also it may be better to backup the qvpr folder (just in case).

If anyone has also any suggestion or tip, it's surely welcome.