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Password incompatible with iPad

Hello Everyone,

I found an issue with certain user passwords not working with Qlivkeiw 10 on the iPad (iOS 5).  We have someone that was able to log into Qlikview on their PC, using IE I'm guessing, but when they tried to login through their iPad it sat there for a minute saying "Logging in" and then timed out and said "Login failed".  We were able to reproduce this on multiple iPads for the same account login.  They did have a '#' for the first character used in their password.  When I changed the password to use a regular alpha letter for the first character they were able to login fine on the iPad.  When I changed it back to what it was originally they were no longer able to log in again.

Does anyone know of any known issues regarding this?  We are running version 10 SR3 (build 10.0.9088.7).

Thank you in advance.

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Password incompatible with iPad

You will want to upgrade to  QVS V10 SR4 (9282) or higher. There is a known issue with iOS 5 and logging on with QVS versions prior to this.

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