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Power Tools in Production

Hi All,

Anybody has experience in using Power tools in production environment?


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Re: Power Tools in Production


There are people that does use the utilities in a production environment.


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Re: Power Tools in Production

Hi Saravana,

I wonder, have you found an answer or have you gathered experience yourself in the meantime?

I need to measure usage of my QlikView-apps in the company. I don't want to activate "audit logging" in QMC since that would heighten resource_usage on the server quite a bit, I think.

So I have to do with what I get from QMC, which is CAL_usage. Since the doc_CALs in the various teams are each fixed to one team-specific app, that's just the same. I'm missing out on some info like the usage of reports, but well, that can't be helped.

I think there's a power_tool named "CAL_manager" that should do exactly that, I haven't looked yet. So I'll have to use that and maybe build my own history of usage_statistics.

Best regards,


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