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Problem with QlikView in a Citrix environment

Hello all,

We have a problem at one of our clients using desktop virtualisation in a Citrix environment. They have a farm of 6 citrix servers, and when a user logs in on a computer he is directed to one those servers (load balancing).

Both QlikView dekstop and Access point are available to a number of users. For the (4) developers there are 5 Named CALs. Using License lease they can develop. However, since a user has no influence on which citrix server he works, there are 6 possible User/machine id combinations per user.

If the user works from server 2, for that machine id he is not licensed, and he must lease a license another time.

QlikView only allows a license to be used from two different machine ids. So when a user works from a third server, he cannot lease a license anymore.

We think a similar problem will occur for the 'normal' users, using the access point (they are using document cals).

QV support has not been able to give us a solution yet.

Do you have any suggestions how we can solve this issue?

Kind regards,


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Re: Problem with QlikView in a Citrix environment


In my project we do use Citrix for users to access the dashboard using 'Access Point'. We haven't got the desktop client deployed onto citrix. And also we have the load balacing with 3 servers.

What we have is a common domain which will be used when user login to any of these three citrix servers. Thus keeping the user id same all the time irrespective of the citrix server you login.

I am not sure if this sort of a set-up is possible in your organisation or not.



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Re: Problem with QlikView in a Citrix environment

We have a similar situation with our Citrix environment.  The response we got from QlikTech was this limit to two leases per user within a rolling 24 hour period is by design.  This is part of the enforcement of their licensing policies and will not be changed.

Still hoping for a true enterprise licensing model.

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