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QMC - Excluir nome na lista "Select Category"


On the QlikView Management Console, Version 11 (build 11643), "Documents" --> "User Documents" --> "Document Information" --> "General", on the drop-down list "Select Category", there are some names that I would like to delete. Please, do you know if it is possible ?

I really appreciate any help you can provide

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Re: QMC - Excluir nome na lista "Select Category"


Please make sure you have a backup of any files you might edit.....

You can edit the Category.xml located at C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR. If you look below you will see I have two Category Names Default and Test. You would have to delete the line you want to get rid of.

<Category Name="Default" ID="728303e8-0a6c-4bb2-8057-4247ff85b6d4" ModifiedByUser="QVLAB\Administrator" ModifiedTime="2013-09-03T20:33:33.8055449-04:00" />

  <Category Name="test" ID="522adccf-f644-4551-bcf0-5ee5767400de" ModifiedByUser="QVLAB\Administrator" ModifiedTime="2013-09-05T16:38:09.4918288-04:00" />


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Re: QMC - Excluir nome na lista "Select Category"

Hello Mr. Britt

Thank you for your answer, it'll be very helpful.

Best regards

Ricardo Maldonado

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