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QMC dont reload a report

Hi, i need to reload a report using data from a outside network, i make the vpn conection with hamachi from logmein, i have the access and i can reload the report from desktop app, but when i program the task to reload the report it fails, i open the ports inbound and outbound in the two server, but i still have the problem


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Re: QMC dont reload a report

Hi Victor,

Please let me paraphrase what I'm reading, to avoid confusion.  You are successfully reloading a document using QV desktop client, but when you reload using the distribution service (QDS) it fails.

What's the error message you are getting in the QVW.log?

What part of the process fails?

The report you've identified, is it a screen object, a QV report or an extract using macros/script?

If it's a scripted item started by an afterReload trigger, this will fail because the distribution service doesn't launch these triggers.

Does the service account running the QDS have the same permission as the user running the desktop app?  Are they the same UID?



Re: QMC dont reload a report

Most VPN connections started from a user session are for that particular user session only. You'll have to either let the VPN connection be created by the server itself as a system wide network interface, or configure some network hardware to make the conneciton upon request

QlikView services run as background services that are totally ignorant of the things you do in your desktop session.



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Re: QMC dont reload a report

Hi, Brent, i send the error, to eliminate options i test just with a select * from, but i have the same error, the desktop and the QMC are in the same server.

The DB is on a diferent server, i make a vpn with hamachi (logmein), and i open all the ports on both modems, i make a test with the firewalls disable.



FROM histhues

Error: SQL##f - SqlState: S0002, ErrorCode: 173, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]File 'histhues.dbf' does not exist.

General Script Error

Execution Failed

Execution finished.


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Re: QMC dont reload a report

I will try to make a test with some hardware, is my last option, becouse i dont want to make a daily copy of the DB to other server and do the reload localy.


Re: QMC dont reload a report

The reload from the QMC will be running as the QDS service account so will not have access to any vpn configured on your account. Also the service will be running is session 0 so may not be able to access user based vpn connections in a similar way that drive mappings are not available to session zero.

Can you generate a file of the daily data that can be accessed via ftp and then loaded onto QlikView?

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Re: QMC dont reload a report

Hi, i make an example giving permission to everybody with all access and i have the same problem, i dont have restriction on the file.


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