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QMS API Added user on a document


I'd like to know how I can add a new user to a Distribution Services, when I'm here:


System->Setup->Distribution Services

PathDocument Administrators Alert E-mail

I'd like to do that with the QMS API, but I don't seem to find the correct class or method for it.

So far, I'm able to return all existing documents from the server, but how can I grant access to them, for specific users?

Because I'm using a web interface, and I'd like to give access to a specific folder or file for a couple of users, but I don't want to enter them all by myself via the console, since I created a group of people, which could be 200 people for 1 document or folder and doing that with a code would make it easier.

Thanks for any suggestion.

So far, I've been looking up the QMS API http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2683

Or is it possible to retrieve the information which user is for a folder/file assigned?


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Re: QMS API Added user on a document

With the GetQVSDocumentsAndUsers Method, I can retrieve all users for a specific documents, but how to remove them from that document?

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Re: QMS API Added user on a document

Really? Nobody??

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