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QV 9 Server // Java API- Samples


since a few days I'm trying to get the JAVA- API- Sample named "Selections" working, which ships with QV 9 Server.

Actually there is an NullPointerException while performing DocBookmarkSource.readAll().

The output is:
Connection succeeded
Com open
Login is [cXZzc2VydmljZTpxdnNzZXJ2aWNl]
Document opened
Object LB01 connected
Object LB02 connected

What can I do the get the sample work?

Best regards,


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QV 9 Server // Java API- Samples

i don't have any solution, but you should know that in version 10 the Java API is no longer supported and the QVPX protocol has changed, which will make you re-implement your software from scratch if you want to use it with next QlikView versions

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AW:Re: QV 9 Server // Java API- Samples

I think you are wrong. the blog entry says:

"While we plan to eliminate the Java client, two important capabilities are NOT being eliminated. First, is Java as an API on which to extend and build on QlikView. We will continue to support the JavaBeans infrastructure for interoperation between QlikView and J2EE application servers."

( source: http://community.qlik.com/blogs/technicalbulletin/archive/2010/04/07/qlikview-10-and-java-client.aspx )