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QV9 Server Reload Memory Leak?

I've been testing QV9 Server on a 64 bit machine and have not had any issues until I started to implement our reload scheme in this new version.

We have a number of QVW files that create QVD files that subsequent QVWs are dependant upon. When I set up this "chain" of files to load I'm seeing the QlikView Distribution service keep using memory until our server bogs down so much I need to kill the service.

The database is small that I'm working with and loading the files via a batch file load works fine.

Here is what the reload looks like in the QEMC

I also can't see all the files I have in this load. I'm wondering if there is a limit to the amount of nesting that can take place.

Curious if anyone else has seen this type of memory issue in QV 9 during reloads.

Thanks for any info.


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QV9 Server Reload Memory Leak?

I have exactly the same problem, did not find a solution yet unfortunately.

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QV9 Server Reload Memory Leak?

as for the nesting, it is an issue related to internet explorer. it should work fine in firefox.

as for the memory issue, see this thread: http://community.qlik.com/forums/t/22108.aspx

basically the QDS was munching resources which has been fixed in version 9 SR 2.



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QV9 Server Reload Memory Leak?

thanks a lot!

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