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QVS 10 not allowing Doc CAL assignment

Good evening-  I have come accross another issue that I need some help with.  I have a customer Who has two apps that they want to assign Doc CAL's to.  The one application (EASY) is a straightforward application, no Section Access, no data islands, three data sources (.xls, Visual DB, another DB), all loaded from QVD's.  The other application (TROUBLE) has Sections Access, but no Data Islands, and the same number of data sources.  The customer has created 4 local user ID's, in which to authenticate to the server, but the section access has more than 4 users entered.  There is the admin, 2 other users that are Admin type roles, and then the userID's that were created.  Our customer has a total of 5 Doc CAL's.  Here is what happens.  I assign 1 CAL to EASY, by first designating the number of CALs to be allocated, then assigning that number to the Document.  Everything is fine. I then try to assign 1 Doc CAL to TROUBLE.  When i select that Document, there is no field to allocate a set number of CAL's to.  The "embedded CAL's in this Document" has a number 1 by it and when I attempt to assign a Doc Cal, i get a pop-up that states there are too many Doc CAL's assigned out already.  The problem is that I still have 4, and the little summary chart shows that there are still CAL's available for assignment.  Unfortunatley, I left the screen pics at the client office, so I don't have those. 

What am I doing wrong?  I am posting the load script for you to view, to see if you can figure out what I am missing. 

Any and all help is appreciated.  Thanks


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