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QVS: Is it possible to use Oracle DB VPD (table data policy)


We are using Oracle Database 11g, and for security (data perimeter), we are using the VPD (virtual private database) for reducing/limiting data access according to user login.

We firstly built a QV application that we use with QV client (v9). We added "logon" fields on the QV application in order, then at data refresh, it takes into consideration the logon, use the VPD database packages, and refresh data accordingly .

We don't know if it's the best approach, but this seems to work fine for us.

Now, we are about to install QVS, and we would, ideally, like to use the VPD. We understand that we may need to apply some changes in the database VPD packages.

We don't clearly understand how security works in QVS, we haven't decide yet if we use NTFS or DMS methods for connection. (correspondance between QVS logon and database user_code).

Can you suggest us "best" approaches for answering our problematics ?

Thanks in advance,