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Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 Host Name

Hi all,

I am installing a Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 on my production Server (Shared Persistent Single Node installation).

We have a Host Name for our Production Server

i.e. MachineName :- QSenseProdServer1

      HostName :- MyCompany.com

We wish our users to use URL like https://mycompany.com/hub/ when accessing Qlik Sense.

My confusion with the server installation window is when the Host Name window shown below appears

Qlik Sense Host Name.png

Should I use the assigned hostname i.e. mycompany.com or QSenseProdServer1 inside the window.

Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance....

Best Regards


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Re: Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 Host Name

better to manage it in DNS, create your host and redirect the users to Qlik sense hub.

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Re: Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 Host Name

Hi Yousef,

The HostName is assigned in DNS only. Ideally the setting should work even by keeping the default value.

I just wanted to be sure on this as I do not wish to have a trial and error. Thanks...


Re: Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 Host Name

Hi Michael,

The value for the installer is the fully qualified hostname.

To use https://mycompany.com/hub/  , you set this up later by binding a valid certificate for mycompany.com to the proxy, adding mycompany.com the the virtual proxy's whitelist and ensuring the DNS entry for mycompany.com points to your server.


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Re: Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 Host Name

Hi Maichael,

The same way i installed recently on my test server.

you can give your windows machine name here  that will be fine.

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