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QlikView Memory Settings

Dear Community,

I am newly involved in one big QlikView deployment. I am facing some memory related issues with our deployment. I need to know the following settings and purpose.

1. Wow64 mode: Not using Wow64

2. Physical Memory: 16383Mb

3. Available Memory: 14275Mb

4. Client Build Number: 10.0.8715.5 Is SP2 installed or not?

5. VMCommitted (MB): 542

6. VMAllocated (MB): 1128

7. VMFree (MB): 8387480

8. VMLargestFreeBlock(MB): 8379062

9. Minimum Working Set: 204800

10. Maximum Working Set: 1413120

Bascially we migrate this Dashboard from Hyper V to VMWare.

Hyper V specs are as below:

Windows 2008

Memory: 28 GB

CPU: 8


Windows 2008

Memory: 16GB

CPU: 8.



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