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QlikView Mgmt_console Task_History - copy?


- We had prolems with the reload of a qvw on Saturday at 2am - no general problems, only at certain times ;-)

- We only have one (the latest) log file in the directory, there are no errors in there, everything's fine.

- In the Mgmt_console, however, there is a "Task_History" where I can view the log from that run.

=> Is there any way I can copy that in nicer form to a Notepad? The way it is, it is quite hard to read and when I copy it, it is all in one block...

=>=> How can I change that setting, how many logs are kept, anyway? I can see that there are about one month's logs in that list, every 3hrs. That's more than we need actually...

Thanks a lot!

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Re: QlikView Mgmt_console Task_History - copy?


     The logs which you see under the Task History on the QEMC is located under.

     C:\Programdata\QlikTech\Distribution Service

     You will find all the logs related to the Task in this directory.


Kaushik Solanki

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