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QlikView Power Tools and Automation


I am trying to automate the defrag utility of shared files found in the Shared Files Viewer in Power Tools. I am using Powershell.

Is this possible?



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Re: QlikView Power Tools and Automation

There's not a command-line inteface to that that I know of, but proceed with caution. I've had better luck just checking them with the QVW command-line switches. The few times I've used defrag, it caused more problems (if counted by the # of errors in my server logs) than it solved. Sample thread from the community:

Re: Shared file corruption??

I've used this PowerScript code to fix errors (ignoring defrag):

cd "C:\temp\SharedFiles"

$SharedFiles = ls *.Shared

Foreach($f in $SharedFiles)


C:\temp\SharedFiles\QVS.exe -x "" $f.BaseName "" -v

Start-Sleep -s 10


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Re: QlikView Power Tools and Automation

Thanks for your help!


Re: QlikView Power Tools and Automation

Hi Kurt Pace

Checkout the releasenotes 11.2 SR9 (page 59), there is a new tool available for cleaning the Shared files.

15 Shared file Cleaning TOOL
QlikView are pleased to announce that a new shared file Cleaning Tool is now included in the QlikView
Server executable. This will allow system administrators to analyze (verify) and repair (purge) the
QlikView document shared files easily and effectively simply by running a command line execution of
QVS.exe with special parameters. The server administrator will then have the option of using the
purged shared file, or retaining the old shared file.


Re: QlikView Power Tools and Automation

I hope it helps. Just as an FYI, the last -v parameter tells it to only verify the .shared files. -p makes a copy that's corrupt entries removed.

The release notes go into more details about the cleaning tool.