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QlikView Server task history & triggers dissapeared 11.2 SR4

Good afternoon,

I am troubleshooting an issue I had with my QlikView server. We recently had all of our task history and triggers dissapear and re-appear. We seem to be ok now, but I am researching the cause of the issue so we can learn from it. We could see all of the tasks in the QMC, but there was no history, trigger and they said they haven't ever been run before which isn't possible.

I am trying to brainstorm on what would cause the QlikView services to get a "mental disconnect" with the QVPR. The only change we made recently was to setup remote management services for multiple servers. But that shouldn't cause either systems to forget its task triggers or history.

I have 2 independant QlikView Servers with independant publisher licenses (Server A and B). We setup server B to be able to manage tasks on server A using "Remote Management Service" [QMC - System - Setup]. We're not sure if remote management has anything to do with what happened, but this is the only thing we changed during the time frame. When the remote management services settings were removed, nothing changed. I am told that simply opening the task and clicking to apply/save restored the task, its history and its trigger... like QlikView server just "remembered" the info upon refreshing the task.

very strange...

QlikView server 11.2 SR4.

Thank you.


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Re: QlikView Server task history & triggers dissapeared 11.2 SR4

We've also had this issue. Not only did the task history dissappear suddenly, subsequent reloads have failed to be logged.

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Re: QlikView Server task history & triggers dissapeared 11.2 SR4

Make sure you only have one Management Service running in your system.

The tasks themselves are fetched from QVPR but the task history and running of tasks is handled by Distribution Service and QMC will send request to Distribution Service to fetch this information. Please check logs.

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