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Qlikserver users


I am successfully installed qvserver on windows server on my personal machine.

And it is running successfully.


how  users(my friends)  connect to my server parallel?


i had 4 friends. how these 4 friends use my installed qmc & access point at same time?

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Re: Qlikserver users


For the access point, it depends on how many cals you have in your licence as to how many user can have access.

For QMC, the users just need to be added to the Qlikview Administrator Group and they are allowed access.


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Re: Qlikserver users

the users are need to connect by internet.

they are not use qmc directly on my laptop. 

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Re: Qlikserver users

try this,

1.System tab-QVS@URSERVERNAME-Security tab-Authorization-Select here DMS authorization

2. System tab- Under Directory Service Connectors- Select Custom Directory

3. From right side General tab- add all ur four friends (with user names and passwords)

4. share the same user names and passwords with ur friends and ask them try to access.

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