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Qlikview 1 2 Directory service issue


we have recently migrated Qlikview 11.2 to Qlikview 12 on brand new machine.

We are using 2 directory service





Both use pretty much the default settings. Users are able to authenticate to the dashboard without a problem.

The problems appears after Directory service is restarted. It seems that afterwards it's not possible to lookup user in the management console (QMC)


Can anybody help us out here?


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Re: Qlikview 1 2 Directory service issue

Hi Dror,

What type of search strings are you using? Are you using wildcards, such as * ? What happens if you select a value from the drop down menu Search In?


Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support

Re: Qlikview 1 2 Directory service issue

Does this problem occur after a Windows reboot or a regular services restart? Or does it also occur when you select "Restart" for just the DSC in the services control panel?

Due to problems with the service start sequence of 11.20, I always set the Startup type for the DSC to Automatic (Delayed Start). It seems that during bootup, if the DSC isn't able to connect to all Directory services immediately, it will break but won't abort. The real problem is that it never recovers and stays broken, although the listed Directorie Servers are now readily accessible...

Don't know if this still applies to v12...

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Re: Qlikview 1 2 Directory service issue

Hi chip,

Using string literals or wildcards does not work. The directory name is even available through 'Search In' listbox