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Qlikview Server 11.2 SR12 installation issue

Hi all,

We are setting up a new test server (VMware machine) using Qlikview Server using 11.2 SR12 using IIS . We only have a Qlikview Server & do not have a distribution service or a publisher. Below are the list of ports opened on our server

Source IPDestination IPTCP/UDPService PortDescription
All StaffTest Server IPTCP8080 :- For Users to access Qlikview Accesspoint.

BI Development Team

(Static IP)

Test Server IPTCP



4780 :- For BI Developers to access Mgmt Console

3389 :- Remote Desktop

Test Server IPProduction Server IPTCP47474747 :- For License Leasing

Now we have installed IIS and Qlikview Server on the new machine. Now since the port 4774 wasn't opened we didn't configured the tunnelling when installing the Qlikview Server by going to the Config in the "Full Installation, Single machine with IIS" window. i.e.

Now when I am trying to access the dashboards using the Ajax zero footprint it is working fine but when accessing the dashboards using IE Plugin it is giving me the tunnelling error.

Also the license leasing is not working when I tried connecting to the production server. I am able to open the production server dashboard but the License Leasing tab still shows that it is a personnel edition.

Can anyone please suggest which all ports needs to be opened (including 4774 for tunnelling)?

I hope that opening the port 4774 and reinstalling the Qlikview server and enabling the Tunnel ISAPI dll option should solve the problem. Kindly suggest me what you think.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Qlikview Server 11.2 SR12 installation issue

To visit any QVS documents using QV Desktop/IE plugin, you'll either need to open port 4747 or install/enable the tunnelling option in IIS. The tunnelling trick is necessary if you do not allow clients to connect straight to port 4747 on the QlikView server machine. QVWS (builtin) or IIS (with the help of the tunnel dll) will channel all QVP traffic over port 80 through the web server to port 4774 on the QVS.

IMHO licenses cannot be leased except via port 4747. No tunnelling here...



Re: Qlikview Server 11.2 SR12 installation issue


Did you setup IIS to use tunneling? See attached document.


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Re: Qlikview Server 11.2 SR12 installation issue

Thank a lot Bill  & Peter. Was able to figure out that since the port 4747 was blocked the tunneling error was coming.

I was under a wrong impression that port 4747 is only used for license leasing . Thanks again...

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