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Qlikview for data extraction

Hello everyone,

I currently work at a company where we use Qlikview as our Bussiness Intelligence tool. Two persons within the company have been appointed to create reports and dashboards in R.

I have started working at this company six months ago, and the tool which I use for data analysis is R. In R, I perform numerical simulations, machine learning, and I do some data mining. However, currently I do not have enough 'data freedom', i.e. I cannot extract data from our systems, only from pre-specified Qlikview reports.
My superiors agree that in my function, I should be able to access all the data that I want, and I should be able to extract this data independently, such that I do not have to wait >48 hours before I have the data I need. We have two options:

- Use Qlikview for this data extraction

- Use an application that queries directly on our ERP system. This new software has been specifically developed for this ERP system.

Due to my background in programming (Java, R, VBA, Matlab) I do not expect any issues in learning to program in Qlikview. However, one or two other users with less programming experience will also want to be able to export data outside of the pre-specified reports. This new application provides a GUI that makes it easy for inexperienced users to merge tables. However, I cannot determine if Qlikview is suited for what we need. Therefore, my question:

Do you think that Qlikview is also suited for simple data extraction, or would we be better of by keeping Qlikview as our BI tool and using new software that has been developed specifically for data extraction out of our ERP systems?

I hope some users with experience in this field can advise me on which direction would best suit my needs.

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


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Re: Qlikview for data extraction

I work for a very large healthcare organization and we have numerous systems around including ERP. Our BI / DW team uses SQL lots of time to pull data into QlikView but less experienced teams use various reporting tools that come with software and extract data into files and then load to QV.

Either way it is your choice but if you are after automation / efficiency, I would get access to your database and do some SQL

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Re: Qlikview for data extraction

Qlikview can be used for Data Extraction(even complex). Data can be extracted with the SQL or Qlikview Script. It can  connect to ODBC Compliant Datasources,

RDBMS(MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server etc...), Excel, XML etc. Custom Connectors are available to Connect to SAP, Sales Force or Custom connectors can be built to connect different. In total

Qlikview can connect to anykind of Datasources.

QVD's can be created after extraction and can start Analysing  instantaneously through AQL. So, if you already have Qlikview resources the best bet would be Qlikview

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