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Query QMS Active Users


I need to implement dashboard workability monitoring. For example user 'dashboard' connected to QlikView 11.2 server document and session should be alive. I can check it through QMC > Status > QVS Statistics > Active Users. Due to network connectivity issue the dashboard could become frozen. I need to get alert notification to fix it.

I'm checking the following approaches

1. SNMP request

I've read C:\Program Files\QlikView\Support Tools\qliktech.mib and found only


without required details

2. QlikView Management API - Getting Started and E... | Qlik Community ‌‌

I can't find the active users listing also

3. Logs in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\

I can see the Sessions, Audit logs. But there is no information about session expiration to trace alive.


Maybe somebody can advise?

Thank you in advance

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Re: Query QMS Active Users

Okay. I've implemented C# module to query QMS

   IQMS apiClient = new QMSClient();

   ServiceKeyClientMessageInspector.ServiceKey = apiClient.GetTimeLimitedServiceKey();

   List<ServiceInfo> orderedServices = apiClient.GetServices(ServiceTypes.QlikViewServer).ToList();

   Guid qvsId = orderedServices[0].ID;

   Dictionary<string, int> docsPerUser = apiClient.GetQVSDocumentsPerUser(qvsId, QueryTarget.Resource);

   foreach (string name in docsPerUser.Keys)


      if (name == args[0]) // looking for user from command line param


            // return number of documents open


            return docsPerUser[name];



   return 0; // Not found! :-(

The metric has been submitted for monitoring and multiple disconnections counted every day.

2016-10-19 11_26_58-Get-RunAsAccount.xlsx - Excel.png

Actually browser Ajax session is always alive and refreshed every 30 mins by browser plugin.

What happens to the session?