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Real server ( Dynamic update)

Could somebody send an example how to set up "real time server" on QV11?

I read that for this I need to use DynamicUpdate macro, but how to trigger it? (For example when in SQL was inserted new sales line)

best regards,


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Re: Real server ( Dynamic update)

Dynamic Update is an additional feature to be purchased on top of the standard QlikView Server license.

The intended usage of Dynamic Update allows a QlikView Administrator to:

- feed limited amounts of data in to a QlikView document

- from a single source

- without running a reload of the document

Analysis can then be performed by multiple clients connecting to the QlikView Server

I attached an older example. I hope this helps.

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Re: Real server ( Dynamic update)

Hi, Troy. This document says, seprate licence is not needed anymore since QlikView version 11 SR. Could you please confirm? Regards, Martin


Re: Real server ( Dynamic update)

Hi Martin,

That is true, but the reason for that is two fold. One it is going away and will not be supported in a future release. The other is that it never really worked very well. It is limited in the amount of data it could handle. Also, on a server restart the data is lost until you do a reload.


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Re: Real server ( Dynamic update)

Hi, Bill.

Thanks for your answer. I just want to make double check with you since real time data update functionality is very critical for our client.

Does it mean that:

  • "Dynamic Data Update" functionality will be disabled in the future QV releases
  • or "Real-time Server" will be discontinued in the future and replaced by Dynamic Data Update?

Thanks for your clarification. Martin

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