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Reg: Session CAL

Is there any option available to increase the session CAL on qlikview server.

Because am getting access denied error while opening any application on accesspoint.



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Re: Reg: Session CAL


     The error comes when you dont get the proper license.

     If you have few numbers of CAL remaining, you can do this setting under Document Tab in QEMC.

     But if all CAL are used, you need to buy more licenses to increase the CAL.


Kaushik Solanki

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Re: Reg: Session CAL

Dear Kaushik,

I have a query please help me with few points, actually I am having Named CAL(20), as well as Session CAL(6).

Right now the scenario is  any user who don't have Named cal can have access with using any Session Cal, what I found any User who is using Session Cal have full access to all application.

  1. Is this like Session Cal is Power Users like Named Users?
  2. How in future if needed I can apply Security (Like Document Cal) particular  Specific Users using Session Cal to access specific application?
  3. what if I need to restrict Users; as if right now any one in Domain can hit and access Qlikview Access Point.

I have achieved Point 2 by providing NTLM and windows Security to Folders but is there any options available in QEMC?


Re: Reg: Session CAL

First to explain the key difference:

  • Named CAL: Allows any named (as in defined in the QMC) user to access any application (security permitting of course!).  Also allows licencing for QV Desktop
  • Session CAL: A pool of dynamic CALs that are consumed and released as people log in.  You do not define them anywhere.  They are like Concurrent licences so to speak.  As with Named CALs there are no limits to the number of documents

If you only have these 2 CAL types the server will consume them in this order once a user clicks a document:

  1. If the user has an allocated Named CAL already use that
  2. If "Dynamic CAL Assignment" is switched on for Named CALs and there some remaining Named CALs free then allocate them one of these CALs.  They will keep this CAL forever (unless you delete it)
  3. If they couldn't get a Named CAL look in the Session CAL pool.  If any are free then give them one of the CALs.  If they log out, once the predefined limit is reached the CAL would be freed up and returned to the pool for other users to use
  4. If they were unable to get a Session CAL then they will be denied due to no licences available

I would like to correct one point I see in your last post (Point 2).  CALs should never ever be used for Security.  CALs are for licencing only.  If you need security (as in authorisation) you should use NTFS or DMS.

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Re: Reg: Session CAL

Thanks David that was helpful.


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