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Restricted Access to the Named Cal User

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to specify which documents should be visible to which user ?

We have 4 Named Cal Licenses.

But not all the QVW documents are developed to consume as a dashboard. So I dont want the named User to see all the documents.

Reason.. Some QVW documents are only used to generate QVD files which I dont want the normal business user to see.

I can avoid that by changing path but but I would like to see it on the dashboard as a developer to quickly open and check when it was last updated and how long it took to load.

Please help


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Re: Restricted Access to the Named Cal User

Remove the ntfs read access priviliges of the qvw documents for those that users should not see those documents.

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Re: Restricted Access to the Named Cal User

for the documents that simply generate QVD files, go to Availability in management console on the right after you select the document and uncheck all check boxes (mobile, etc...)

Now for the dashboard if you have publisher installed then you can publish the dashboard for specified users or you can add Section Access to your dashboard

Re: Restricted Access to the Named Cal User

As a third option, you can implement a very simple Section Access; logic with fixed user entries (the service account and yourself and your co-developers, and no-one else) and ACCESS=ADMIN roles. Do not use Data reduction.

Then in each document that should disappear from view (except yours) enable option "Settings->Document Properties->Server->Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access" (bottom right)

BTW I still think that using a mounted folder to relocate intermediate documents and make them invisible to others is the best solution. How often do you open failed documents in the AccessPoint, intead of in QV Desktop? And if a document load succeeds, wouldn't you rather check the last reload time in the task history on the first sheet of the QMC?



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Re: Restricted Access to the Named Cal User

Another option, if you mean that they should not appear in the ACCESS POINT then move them out of the published folders e.g. root and mounted folders.



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