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Running Qlikview in a VMWare environment

We currently run our Qlikview production environment on a dedicated server. but future plans mean that we may need to consider a shared server running under VMWare. I've been asked to find out if Qlikview will run in this environment and if there are any potential issues such as hardware locks and loss of performance. I've searched through a number of posts which suggest that Qlikview will run under VMWare, but not ideal for Qlikview. I'm wondering if matters have improved with more recent Qlikview releases - we are currently running V10 SR4 - and whether future developments address the concerns that haev been expressed in the past.

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Re: Running Qlikview in a VMWare environment

Have you read Stefans's explanation?


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Re: Running Qlikview in a VMWare environment

Hi Michael

I had seen Stefan's post and passed it to the team here who had asked the question. As it was posted 18 months ago I just wondered if the situation had changed at all with new version etc.

Thanks for your reply and if Stefan's comments represent the current state of play, we will take this into account.

Best Regards


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Re: Running Qlikview in a VMWare environment

Please see the attached Document.

Bill Britt

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