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Section Access Problems without Re-Publishing

A QlikView Server reloads a QVW and then distributes it via a QlikView Publisher to an Active Directory Group.


During the distribution, as I see it, the QVW is stored into a folder, other than the one it is reloaded in. Not sure if this is normal behavior, or specific to this situation.

We are using Section Access in the document itself, which works well.

Now it appears to me, that access to the document breaks (the native Browser Popup, that says that you don't have access) when new files have been submitted to the server, WITHOUT another reload and distribution taking place. When reload and distribute are executed, everything is back to normal.

Until now, I assumed that the distribution puts the files into the other location, assigns appropriate rights and until another successful reload and distribution has happened, this file won't be touched. Thus, that the suggested connection isn't there.

Is what I am writing plausible? Is there such a connection?

Best regards,