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Section access with SERIAL (for Batch Load)


My QV file needs a section access enabled, and I can't make a successful reload on the server.

From what I understood, I have 2 options:

1. Either I add a column NTNAME, and add one entry for the Windows Account which runs the QV Services on the server

2. Or I add a column SERIAL, and add the serial key of the QV Server

I can't use the option 1, as once NTNAME is added in my Section Access, users will have to use their windows account to logon to the QV file (as the QV file will remain on our network). As I am in UAT phase, I want to stick to simple USERID/PASSWORD; as switching between users will easier, and then testing different profiles will be easier as well.

So I have the following script:

    Star is ;



        ADMIN, *, *, 330556045445XXXX

        ADMIN, *, *, 3305 5604 5445 XXXX

        ADMIN, ADMIN, ADMIN, *

        USER, P01, P01, *, P01


When I launch the reload for the 1st time, throught QEMC, it works well (Of course, because the file is totally empty)

When I relaunch it (now, it has data), it fails. In the event log, I see the following message:

        Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.

I retrieve the SERIAL, directly from the QEMC, in the tab System > Licenses > QlikView Server > QlikView Server License > Serial number.

I also have an entry for QlikView Publisher, but License information are all empty. I am not sure my company has purchased this license.

I don't which format I have to use: 330556045445XXXX or 3305 5604 5445 XXXX; anyway both are not working.

Let me know what I am doing wrong, and what else I need to check

Thanks in advance,

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