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Send to excel | AJAX


I am running with an issue while exporting straight table data to excel (send to excel) using AJAX client.

Problem: I have a table with millions of rows and limited the same to retrive 30,000 rows applying some selection filters on it and tried exporting the same to excel, It does not respond for few minutes and later it pops-up a weird java script error saying " 'Undefined' is null or not an object". But this is not the same case when I try with less number of rows (ex:upto 5K) and I am able to export to excel. And the interesting part is, I am also able to export 60,000+ rows to '.csv' format.

I've tried increasing the 'QvsTimeout' of config.xml in QvWebServer from 60 to 600, still the problem exists.

Rquest you to help me in solving this problem.