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Sent to PPT Issue in Qlikview

Hi All,

I need your help to resolve a complicated issue in Qlikview.

I need to write a macro  in VB (To run in
Qlikview)  to achieve these many things.

  1. I want to export some selected objects
    (specific objects)  in PPT including selection filters like
    Year=2011,2012,2013 and Month=Jan ,Feb etc.
  2. There should be a default theme in PPT (at the
    time of export).
  3. This PPT Should be dynamic in term of selection
    .Data  in charts and object should change based on the slice and dice in
    PPT (Like Qlikview) after export.
  4. Need to update data in this PPT After each
    refresh of the macro application.      

       Would appreciate your help  .

        Waiting for your reply..



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Re: Sent to PPT Issue in Qlikview

If you want to write your own, search thif forum and you'll find a number of examples. You may also want to consider using some of the third prty add-ons available in QlikMarket and elsewhere.


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