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Server license does not save

I'm having an issue installing QlikView 10 on a new development box, specifically with entering in the serial number and control number.

When I enter in my serial number and click Apply License, it gives me the following dialog boxes:

"This action requires a restart of QlikView Server".

"Processing... Please wait."

And then it comes back with all the fields empty.  Incidently, if I just type in any random serial number and random control number, it goes thru the same dialog boxes -- which leads me to believe its not really verifying anything, even though it does say Success after I click Apply License.

If I do the same process with QlikView Publisher, it saves the information correctly.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this information not to save?


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Re: Server license does not save

Probably a permissions issue, make sure the user running the services is a server admin. Also stop or disable any antivirus or antispam software running.

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