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Server upgrade to 11.20 SR15

HI Community,

Need to upgrad QV setup from server 11.00 SR 2 to Server 11.20 SR 15.

Need any helpful documents, suggestions and videos.

Below shown my present environment, I want to continue the same setup in same Windows 2008 R2 OS.


Server 1Server 2Server 3Server 4Server 5
QlikView Distribution ServiceQV Directory ConnectorQV Directory ConnectorThis is a Virtual server In Server 4 clustering Server 3 & 4
Publish FolderPublish Folder Mirroring

Below are my few doubts

1. Should I need to inform Qlik Support for any license key update. As of now I am just covered under Basic Support.

2. Do I need to open the ports again or just previous ports which are already opened are enough ?

3. Mirroring should be done again ?

4. Any helpful documents, suggestions and videos !!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Server upgrade to 11.20 SR15

Hi Bob,

1.  You don't need to notify QV Support, unless your are working with them on an open ticket.  In which case, it would be beneficial for them to know.  As long as your maintenance payments are up to date, you shouldn't need anything else.

2.  The ports should not have changed, so if your existing ports are still open everything should work as designed.

4.  QlikView Server Manual has a decent installation section that can be referenced.  There are document when upgrading from previous versions, but nothing within version 11.2.  The installation process is straight forward and will inherit your existing setting, but you should backup the setting folder, just in case.



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