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Set up email server


I would like to set up the fct of an automatic email_alert in QMC so myself and a colleague will be informed whenever an automatic reload fails.

I have already entered most of the information:

- I have the "Host name"

- I have the port_number

- email_format = "plain"

- timeout = 100 seconds

- From_address - here I am not quite sure what needs to go here, I have edited the default to "publisher@syncreon.com" - that does

  not seem to work yet. We had several reloads fail in the last days without being informed.

- Authentication_method is now set to "username and password"

=> my data is entered - do I have to prefix the user_name with the domain (currently it is just friedrich.hofmann, that would then be


Even if that was to work, it is not necessarily said that this will be practical as our Outlook_system is a bit sluggish in some aspects - ok in most ... but one cannot be sure before trying.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Set up email server

Hi DataNibbler,

It´s all a matter of what your mailserver allow you to "do".

If you for example have an account running QlikView Distribution Service, that has permissions to send out emails, then you set it to Distribution Service.

If you mail server allow anonmymous senders, then you can set it to Anonymous.

And if the account running QDS do not has rights, then you specify them with Username and password, with Domain\User

There is also difference if you are using a Gmail server that requires SSL or any other mail server that requires SSL.

Re: QV Email and Gmail SMTP

Re: Set up email server


Below setting just work fine for me. Look at the attached image.

as said by ako All you have to do is confirm from your sysadmins weather it is allowed to send email via anonymous account or there is some specific account you can use there.



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