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Source Folder Paths in QMC

Hi Friends,

if I delete source path shown below from QMC by mistake and bring it back .. is there a way to get my tasks back or they are gone :-(

QMC Source Path deletion.png

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Re: Source Folder Paths in QMC

We had the similar issue and recently we have observed that some source folders are missing under QDS automatically and had to recreate all the tasks. Any reason why we see source folders missing. Also it be good idea if we have a way to restore all the tasks back as Faisal asked.

We are on 11 SR2 440 build and have clustered QVS and Clustered QDS.

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Re: Source Folder Paths in QMC

May be you can add the source folder again and restore the QVPR backup will get your tasks active.

It's just an idea but I never tried it. Please check and share us if it's working.



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Re: Source Folder Paths in QMC

That's the good idea and we thought about it. But if we restore we loose all the changes happened from the time we lost source folder. For example we have observed 10 days after it disappeared with the task next scheduled run.

this solution might work for Faisal.

Has any one experienced this same behaviour (source folder disappeared in QDS)

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Re: Source Folder Paths in QMC


I've some experience with deleting source doc folder.
Restoring QVPR is the only one option from my point of view.

So please, how many task did you lose - in both scenario (restoring and changes since deleted folder)


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