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Support for different mouse controls

I have users that use different kinds of mice, all coming in through web browser/AJAX client.  Some have trackballs that they believe should allow the user to scroll left to right and up and down in a straight tables where the table has enough rows and columns causing horizontal and vertical scroll bars to appear.  When we have this amount of data, what we're seeing is that the trackball, (or wheel) on the mouse will only scroll up and down no matter how much the user tries to force the horizontal scrolling to occur via the mouse.  If the data was limited to say a single row, and there's only the horizontal scroll bar, the trackball/wheel will now scroll horizontally.  Obviously, manually clicking on and dragging the scroll bar works, but they want to use their mice's features to do the same.

Is this something that can be configured in the management console, or within the report documents?

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