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Task Reload Issue

We recently migrated our Qlikvier server 12 from Windows server 2008 ti Server 2016. We had a task which runs several times during the day. The standard reload time for this task is less then 1 min, but when this task runs between 7 and 9AM it takes about 10-15 mins, other times it works fine. 

Below please find the logs for 2 different run times. The issue  is related to the number of jobs in queue at a certain time. If you look at the logs for the process competed in 24 Sec you can see that the Allocated reload engine was available as soon as the document opened, while on the longer run the reload engine was not available until like almost 8 mins after the file was opened and it took another 4 mins for distributing the file because of the reload engine availability.  What I can do to fix this issue??


Log for Process completed in 24 Sec

(1/4/2019 9:42:38 AM) Information: Opened the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=51488

(1/4/2019 9:42:38 AM) Information: Allocated QlikView Engine successfully. Current usage count=1 of 12 (of type non-reader).

 Log for Process completed in 11 min  49 Sec

(1/4/2019 8:45:44 AM) Information: Opening "d:\ABC.qvw"

(1/4/2019 8:53:21 AM) Information: Allocating new QlikView Engine. Current usage count=4 of 12 (of type non-reader).

(1/4/2019 8:53:35 AM) Information: Start document distribution.

(1/4/2019 8:53:35 AM) Information: Opening source document

(1/4/2019 8:53:35 AM) Information: Opening document: "d:\ABC.qvw"

(1/4/2019 8:57:16 AM) Information: Allocating new QlikView Engine. Current usage count=7 of 12 (of type non-reader).

2 Replies


How many concurrent tasks can be run in your limitation?

are there too many jobs running on 8:45?

and how many jobs are running on 9:42?

Aiolos Zhao


How many total CPUs are there?

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support