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Task status / Log files

Dear community,

At client site, some tasks in QMC appear as failed.

When I checked the task history, there were log dates newer than today (have no idea how they were created).

I tried to run this task from the console and followed the log details, it was completed and ended with notifying its status as completed.

But the status still appears as failed in the console.

I also checked the folder DistributionService > 1, and removed the entries created with a date newer than today.

But the newer logs were still appearing in the QMC.

My question is, does having a newer log (one of them as failed), affects the status of a task that I try to run and keep it as "failed" even if it was completed ?

If so, how can I remove these logs (if not from the DistributionService > 1 folder) ?

Would appreciate your input.

And in case this scenario might be familiar to you, kindly add your suggestions even if the description above may seem not related (maybe I missed some areas to investigate).



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Re: Task status / Log files


There was a known issue that left the issues as "Running" even when they were completed. This is not exactly the same, but that was fixed some time ago and the newest release should have it fixed as well (11.20 SR3 12018).

As for the log files timestamp... Do you see any strange time (UTC) in the QMC that does not match with the server operating system time? Is the server running any NTP service that might create confussion? If you copy those files to another folder, does the original newer time still appears, or it does the new one?

Kind regards.


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Re: Task status / Log files

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for answering.

The issue about leaving tasks as "running" was indeed fixed in an earlier release of version 11.0.

But I missed mentioning in my post that we're using version 11.20 SR2.

I'll add also that we have the publisher and using cluster server, thus a shared folder where documents/logs/etc. are stored.

Note that when I ran the task manually from QMC, its status remained as "Failed", not only after it was completed but also during the process, it didn't change to "Running" (I had to constantly check the log entry to make sure that the task was actually running).

Concerning the log entries timestamp, the main/cluster servers show the correct date/time but we had many tasks having log entries with dates in the future (like 2nd august 2013, while we were still on the 1st, or a date in september 2013, or even another in 2014 !).

When checking the folder DistributionService > 1 > Log, I didn't find them all in there but I removed anyways the ones with a future date, however in the QMC these future logs were still appearing.

I read later in another thread that log files are stored under folder ManagementService, not DistributionService.

So what I was thinking is that if I get to remove from this folder all the log files having a future date, maybe this will fix the task status in the QMC. Don't you think so ?

I'm probably going to client site in the morning so I'll try to proceed with the above step, and maybe attach some snapshots of the QMC to illustrate.

I'll also check whether they're running any NTP service as you suggested.

I'll appreciate if you have other suggestions to check, maybe based on the additional info above.

Thanks Miguel.

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Re: Task status / Log files

Received an update from client this morning, that the tasks did run as scheduled.

He also noticed that the datetime format wasn't identical this time in main/cluster servers, but he adjusted it and restarted the qv services, and the tasks had their status back to Successful.

However, there are still the log entries with future dates.

Is it safer to remove them if they are affecting the status ?

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