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Users seeing too much !!

Hello everyone,

We have a number of users accessing documents(QlikVire version 11) via internet explorer, controlled by document CALs on the server. I would normally expect that a user would only see those documents allowed by their license. However, a number of users are able to see ALL documents, though they can only open licensed ones. When a user tries to open a document to which they don't have access, a message is quite correctly displayed, but pressing to back button to return to the front page causes the browser to hang.

I'm not aware that we have changed anything on the server, but can anyone point me to anything that I might have done wrong.

Thank You


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Re: Users seeing too much !!

Hello John,

Are you using NTFS or DMS for authorizing users to documents? You may have your documents to be distributed or authorized to "All Authenticated", so they indeed will reach to the AccessPoint, see ALL documents, then open only those where they have a license assigned.

Do the documents use section access? If you did, did you click on the Desktop, Settings menu, Document Properties, Server tab, "Filter AccessPoint List based on Section Access"?

Hope that helps.


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Re: Users seeing too much !!

Many thanks Miguel,

We use NTDS access, and I'm currently trying to set the creation to names users to see what happens. Also, I'm not aware that we are using section access.