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Web Form Authentication: Login Failed error

I am working on Qlikview Server 11 SR2 Small business edition.

I have installed a new server and enabled web form authentication.

When I use internet explorer to view access point I enter my credentials in DOMAIN\USERNAME format. When I click submit I am presented with a dialog box telling me "Login Failed". When I click OK on the dialog I go right into the Access point.

I had this problem on another server and solved it by tweaking the security to allow the user read/write access on the Qlikview Mapped root folder. This does not appear to be the case with this error and I have not found anything that looks unusual.

BTW the error does not present itself when accessing access point with Chrome

Has anybody solved any similar issues?

I'd appreciate any advice for troubleshooting this error.



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Re: Web Form Authentication: Login Failed error

I have the same issue on my server... and I don't really want to give folder rights to users.

Re: Web Form Authentication: Login Failed error


Depending on your security settings, users do need modification permissions in the folder and documents, license, permissions, shared objects, bookmarks, session recovery bookmarks and so are stored into .Meta and .Shared files that are stored along the .QVW file. Chris's issue seems to be related to IE (browser) not the security in the filesystem.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Web Form Authentication: Login Failed error

I had logged my issue here already - http://community.qlik.com/message/290205#290205 and I think you have replied to it and will continue the thread there. Thanks. Just in case I tried to give the users read and execute on the folder and they still cant log in through web form.

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Re: Web Form Authentication: Login Failed error

I think in qlikview managemnt console System >Qlikview Server > Security > Authorization you should select NTFS authorization (Windows controls file access). Then its not required to set any permesions at document level if you select it as DMS then we have to set document level permissions under Documents select a file and go to Authorization tab and set the access for example all authenticated users